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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
not much to say this week so far. work is good. heatwave continues, around 28c still, with the same being forecast into the weekend. but all this heat has generated severe thunderstorms in many parts of the country today as predicted... there was this awesome flood in park royal i saw on the news this evening, together with train delays on my line home tonight. made it back home a little late, wasnt too bad for me actually.

food of the day:

saveloy and chips

Sunday, August 01, 2004
so i was having dinner at this local indian restaurant, an all you can eat sunday dinner buffet...

and i notice that the waiters take all the serving spoons out of the trays when diners leave the buffet table. not only that, but they just throw them all into one container, so that you cant see which spoon goes with which dish again! wtf? what if there are vegetarian customers around?

and as if that was not all, a waiter took my jug of water away in the middle of only my second lot of food... what was that all about?!

so... chicken bhuna, lamb with chick peas, mixed vegetable curry, tandoori chicken, pilau rice... and no tip for this bunch of losers.


actually, missed "down to you" (kris isacsson dir, miramax, usa, 2000) tonight. have been wanting to see this for ages, julia stiles being one of only three current young actresses that will make it big and stand the test of time i reckon. imho. anyhow, never mind. ill get the dvd.

Saturday, July 31, 2004
fuck. dropped my cash card somewhere in london bridge station today. whenever you make a departure from your usual routine, you just know that something bad will happen.

made a trek all the way to canaray wharf, where i knew that there would definitely be a branch of my bank still open at lunchtime on a saturday. found out that there had been no activity on my account since i dropped the card.

wandered around canary wharf for a bit, taking in all the new developments properly for the first time in a long while, including cabot place west & cabot place east, canada place and the newest part of the docklands shopping experience, jubilee place. dont often get to be in this part of town. needed to kill some time anyway, before meeting up with narayan and heading into the west end for sarahs birthday party.

its pretty damn impressive how canary wharf has really come alive in the last few years. i remember when the whole of docklands was just one big industrial wasteland, before the regeneration began. then there was a phase of growth, but the skyscrapers seemed cold and the whole area, although new and flash, still had this bleak feel to it, with no real sense of community at all. but today, the place is buzzing! people everywhere, not just business types, but local residents too... out shopping in the vast mall complex or simply sitting in the many green areas that have sprung up in between the office blocks. the park on top of jubilee place was particularly impressive. reminded me of one of the city parks in taipei. in fact, with the hot and humid weather today, there were times when i felt i was back in taipei.

food of the day:

turkey, swiss and cranberry sandwich, £4.50, specials board, port of call, jubilee place, canary wharf

Friday, July 30, 2004
man! just my luck!

the one time that i go out the night before, so i get into work a little late and dont have time to see my preops before they come down from the ward and what happens? i get bollocked by the boss for not knowing my patients. the one time. sheesh... just my luck. still managed to deal with all my cases without any problem.

finished the day with acute gynae again. i was assessing the patients beforehand and this gynae registrar shows up. i didnt really get a good look to see who it was, but just handed her the notes for the patient id just finished with and carried on with the next. she asks me "so have you finished with this one chas?". wtf? "...with this one chas?"...

now im very good with peoples names and faces, but this colleague clearly knew me and i didnt seem to know her... this never happens! so i keep quiet about this for a while, hoping that something will click in my memory bank. until of course my boss asks her what her name is, for routine recording in the anaesthetic note. turns out this gynae reg behind the mask (that ive been working with on and off for the past three weeks she says!) was actually zara, andys daughter from med school! im like her uncle! small world or what! she even had the cheek to then tag an extra case to the end of the list!

food of the day:

m&s still water with natural strawberry and aloe vera, 500ml, 85p

Thursday, July 29, 2004
right, another productive day and now off to a night out with niven and the guys from my old unit. should be a big one...

did a couple of good gynae cases this afternoon on my own. all pretty straightforward.

just heard in the last few minutes that mark hobson has been charged with those two double murders from two weekends ago (twins claire & diane sanderson and james & joan britton). pretty impressive to do four people all in one weekend. caught last weekend after sparking the biggest manhunt in the country for a long time. hes gonna go down...

food of the day:

only a ham & cheese salad torpedo roll. didnt have enough $$$ on me at lunchtime today. =(

Monday, July 26, 2004
well, finished early today. woohoo!

spent the whole damned day in day surgery. started with ortho in the morning and have just finished todays acute gynae list. did most of these on my own. not bad huh?

now to head into town to get something to eat and see what i can get at the next sale. missed the harrods sale (ended saturday), so dont wanna miss this one...

food of the day:

skipped lunch today, morning list overran. disaster! =(

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
excellent. a pleasant journey home from work via the scenic route today, taking in the sights and sounds of evening rush hour in docklands on the dlr.

another interesting case today (another one this week?)... some obscenely fat bloke over 200kg going for a gastric band, on a special heavy duty electronic bed needing 4 theatre staff to push. havent even got to airway management yet...

oh yeah, various things at the end...

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